The Confection Collection

Hi, I'm Jon and I'm a Pez Head.  I've been collecting Pez since 1995 when I was 11 years old.  I got my first dispensers a few years before that, but didn't really start collecting until the summer of 1995.  

My wife, Rachel, is the best enabler.  She says that she isn't into Pez, but she really does like the vintage dispensers.  My sons are starting to get into the hobby as well.  Both have decent collections going.  

We go to a few Pez conventions each year (some just me, some with Rachel, and some all of us) and really enjoy them.  They are great places to buy, sell, trade, and really enjoy the company of other members of the Pez community.  

If you have a chance, be sure to check out the Pez Visitor Center.  That's where my photo was taken.  It is a a museum of all things Pez and has a great store with exclusive items as well.  The PVC is in Orange, Connecticut and is connected to the Pez USA corporate office and candy factory.

There are some great Facebook groups for Pez collectors too.  My favorite is Let's Talk Pez, but there are several other good ones as well.   

 In 2018, I was featured in a newspaper article about the upcoming Michigan Pez Convention. The article was in six local papers, on the front page of a few of them.  

​I have been a featured guest on The Pez Collection Podcast several times.  Check out my episodes below, but also take a listen to others.  It's a great show!